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How do I update my phone to windows phone 8.1?


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I have a nokia lumia 520 and have found out that the windows phone 8.1 update is now available. I have two lumia 520's, one with windows phone 8.1 developer preview currently installed and one with windows phone 8 currently installed. On the windows 8 phone, I can update to the official windows phone 8.1 software without any problems, but on the other phone, (the one with windows phone 8.1 dev preview installed), I can not seem to get the update to the official windows phone 8.1 software. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem?


New member
Jul 14, 2008
May I suggest to you both that if you type your question as posed above into WP Central search window, It would have given you a large number of hits that would have answered your question. It would have given you the answer quicker than waiting for someone to answer your question again.

sorry, don't mean to be critical just use the search bar first to see if it gives you what you need. If not, then pose your question here. WP Central users are great people but do hate to see multiple questions asked and answered over and over again.


New member
May 1, 2014
I know why i cant get Cyan update. I am on DP 8.1. But 1000 other people here dont read forums before they ask a question. Soo you write your text for a guy that start this thread. Ok? Not me.