How does Device manager operate?


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Feb 15, 2014
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how does Device manager operaate?

Now that I have been trying to fix the tablet I have a few questions about the hardware and device manager

1. The device manager showed a device under system device before clean install of win8.1 and then it showed the same device under the Com port!! Does it where the device is nested in the device manager list or is it configured wrong? Please not the device driver shows up to date in the properties even after checking for updates.

2. third party driver updaters like driver identifier helped me in recovering drivers from some of the nastiest device manufacturers who do not have the driver on their site. MS doesn't help nor did the tablet manufacturer. When checking for updates from device manager it shows the driver is up to date while the 3rd party shows driver available. Although the 3rd party driver shows the processor to be Celeron while I have Atom, the driver installs correctly via device manager! I believe it is because the hardware id matches. Will it effect the performance of the device in any way? Is this why the device gets placed under a different branch like mentioned above in 1.

3. While a few of the devices in the device manager showed as unknown device the 3rd party identified the driver from the id's and while installing the driver shows a warning that the driver is not signed even when I have the driver downloaded thru manufacturers servers. After installing it anyway the driver shows to be working 100%. Further check for updates shows driver up to date. Is it really up to date with the driver not being digitally signed?

Can someone please educate Me? It might just help me figure out how to get the tablet back up and running as the manufacturer is clueless and only wants to fix things under warranty, MS handballs it back to anyone they can including the activation part and device manufacturer is kinda lost in the sea of manufacturers and doesn't have any substantial downloads on his website.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Re: how does Device manager operaate?

I checked for drivers from Pendo's website and looks like the support is close to none. Since most drivers should be downloadable from Windows Update I wouldn't be too worried about it. You can try downloading Windows 10 chipset drivers from here for the Dell Venue 8 Pro (similar chipset) and see if it works.

1) Install Windows 10 clean from a USB or Windows Upgrade
2) Install chipset drivers mentioned in the link above
3) Run Windows Update and download rest of the drivers
4) Avoid downloading any third party drivers as it's mostly going to damage your device/cause sluggishness

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