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How does the live tile from Photos app works?


New member
Feb 28, 2013
Hi there, I am using Windows 8.1 on my laptop. What am I gonna ask is about the native Photos app from Microsoft.
I have all my photos stored on the picture library (which is in the Picture folder on the document) but with sub-folders to organize my photos.
I want to use the Live Tile feature from the Photos app for the start screen, I turned on already the option to shuffle the photos for the live tile, but why the live tile only shuffling for only about 5-6 photos and that's all??
I tried to reset by turn off and on the shuffling option and turn off and on the live tile option, then again it only randomly take another 5-6 photos to be shuffled and that's all?
In Windows Phone, we have the option for the live tiles Photos app to show only selected picture (favorite list) or whether to show all of the images (never tried this option before, so I don't know is it gonna show through all of the images). So can I have my live tile of Photos on my laptop to be just like on my Windows Phone??