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How extract apps from Windows 10 mobile?


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Aug 19, 2013
My employees, family and I all use Lumia 950s and 950XLs, and with some developers pulling their apps from the MS Store, I fear losing the apps should any of us need to Reset our phones, since "backed-up" apps will only re-populate from the Store. I saw an article recently that mentioned a process to extract the appx or xap files from our phones, which could then be re-installed after a reset, but I can't find that article anymore. Any suggestions?

1 app that I use daily, and which is no longer in the Store is the "Ring" doorbell app, which is nowhere to be found for Win10m, including on the xap/appx lists I found and looked through. The manufacturer said that the app would stop working after the Spring Creator's Update release on "Apr 10", but it does continue to work on all of our phones, even though it has been pulled from the Store.
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