How I solved the scratches problem on the mirror-polished camera trim...


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Apr 8, 2012
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I just recently acquired a Lumia 900 a day ago. It was gently used but it had scratches on the usual area of the mirror-polished camera trim. I solved that problem with some patience, a small blade, tape and a brown ScotchBrite pad to give it a brushed finished. If you wish to try it, please do so with care. I will not be responsible for what happens to your device if you wish to try this.

Picture was taken with my Lumia 800 with contrast on high. No post-processing was used.




I basically put four pieces of tape to cover the top, bottom, and sides of the chrome strip and put them as close as possible to the chrome trim. Then I put another piece of tape on top of the camera lens, and gently used the blade to trim the circle piece around to protect the lens and remove the extra tape around it. Then I just took the ScotchBrite pad and started scrubbing away. Rub gently in a back and forth motion, going in one direction only. Eventually you'll get that brushed finished. Remove all the tape, and enjoy your handywork! Now scratches will be less visible and actually probably won't show at all, since it's not completely mirror-polished.

The letters are engraved onto the trim piece, so do not worry about scrubbing the letters off. As for the Lumia 800/900 international version, the letters are laser-etched, so there is a possibility of the etching rubbing off. For this, I would not recommend doing this on a Lumia 800/900 international unlocked version. Only the USA version has it engraved.

This will probably affect warranty and resell value, so do at your own risk!
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