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How much free space do we need to WIndows 10 Technical Preview ?


New member
Nov 22, 2013
Currently I have only 1.28 GB of free space on my phone memory and no SD card installed. Does anyone know if that much space is enough to get the W10 Technical preview installed on my phone?


New member
Nov 14, 2008
The download itself is <500MB. But I reckon it'll need a fair amount of wriggle room to get itself installing. I'd clear some more space out - 1.3GB, to me, seems a bit tight.

abhishek singh21

Apr 27, 2014
Has this been mentioned anywhere or its a wild guess ? Else I will have to start uninstalling many of my apps in order to get the preview.

Approx 7 hours to go....

microsoft has always mentioned before any update that a bare minimum of 2gb phone memory is necessary. gosh what have you been upto lately. going to install the technical preview and still got doubts in your head about the storage. lol . is this your first update btw. rofl . ;) . good day