How OneDrive wrecked my computer


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Mar 13, 2021
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This is not really a question - it's more like a statement of fact and frustration.

Ive been using Onedrive for years now, I pay money each month for it, it is a convenient app to help with data proection.

recently I went to look around and see whats new in the app on my win10 pc. I went to the backup tab, choose the three folders and started a back up. It shut down my internet access and took over everything. It was slow, so slow I decided to give up on that exercise.

It wouldnt let me give up. It just kept uploading no matter what i did. In the section that says choose folders all I could see was a loooong list of folders already on onedrive. I could not see the usual system folders such as documents, pictures and so on.

There were a lot of errors because onedrive does not like .pst files. Why not? I had to move them all the an external drive.

Then I noticed all of a sudden onedrive was backing folders on my D drive. WTH? I never selected d drive to backup, not ever in my history with onedrive.

Its all finished uploading now but all my desktop items are in a folder called Where Are My Files. What a great and appropriate title for a folder left for us to ponder the schomozzle onedrive truly is.

In thirty years of being in the computer business I have seen such an awkward backup / cloud program. Someone at some stage in an article refereed to it as - Onedrive the road the hell. I couldn't agree more.

I have files, photos, missing in onedrive. Some of them are there in the cloud, but the photos on my pc are more than what is in the cloud. Onedrive says it has finished syncing. On really? I had to manually move my pictures.

I wish I never played with onedrive and left it how it was. Its a disaster. I find hard to understand the big mistakes Microsoft makes. From removing the start menu from plain sight in win8, to the absurd state of the Answers forum where nobody ever gives a correct or straightforward answer to use questions. This forum is a ship of fools (SOF).


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Apr 10, 2021
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I agree with everything that sparticussis has said. It is the biggest load of **** I have come across in years. I want to point out that using Programs and Features to uninstall it is NOT a good idea. It will leave bits behind.

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