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How Surface Go is paving the way to Surface Andromeda


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013
Image Credit: Microsoft
Microsoft recently launched its most mobile Surface yet, but it wasn't the long-awaited Surface "Andromeda" pocket PC.
Microsoft's new 10-inch Surface Go, unlike Andromeda, isn't pocketable but does introduce a degree of mobility. This is particularly true of the LTE version, that Surface creator Panos Panay, said in a recent interview wasn't possible with previous Surfaces.

Additionally, when asked about a future Surface Phone as a potentially smaller Surface Go, Panay asserted in the future communication, not the phone, will change, and devices would "wrap" around those communication needs. He added as Microsoft continues to push, Surface Go leads to a place that how, where, and what people use to communicate will change with that and future devices. Context-conforming form factors drive Microsoft's computing vision.

In fact, Panay's statements added the context of Microsoft's long-term mobile vision to its Surface Go positioning as an ultra-portable PC that, like smartphones, "goes everywhere users go." He added Surface Go is both an incredible communication and productivity device. Microsoft's iterating on this highly mobile PC that provides uncompromised productivity (per Panay), can benefit its rumored Andromeda Pocket PC category. Surface Go introduces ideologically, technologically and in use cases across work and life, PC power combined with smartphone-like constant presence that Surface Andromeda category pocket PCs are anticipated to bring in an even more refined package.

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