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How to avoid Windows 10 updates when using a hotspot from my phone?

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I'm not installing Windows 10 due to the forced updates. My concern is that when I go to my cottage in the summer I use the hotspot on my phone to connect to the internet and don't want Windows using up all my data while I'm there. I'd rather get updates only when I'm home and using my normal internet which is what I do now with Windows 8. Is there a way that I can accomplish that?


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Oct 28, 2013
In the windows phone 8.1 there is option automatically download update if data settings allow for it.plz uncheck the option.


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May 7, 2013
Yeah, ignore the last one as he's missed your point.
There is a setting in Windows 10 on your PC to stop the automatic updates while on a metered (limited) data connection. Then when back at home you could then turn this setting back off.
Not sure exactly where it is but it's easily findable online if you look up limiting your windows 10 update and metered connection as I've mentioned above.