How to change your Windows Store region settings

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Dec 17, 2013
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It's possible to change the Windows Store region settings to enable you to keep shopping in one Store region when you travel or if you move to another country. Here's how.

On Windows 10, Microsoft wants you to use the Windows Store to get apps, games and media. While you can download free apps and other goods from the Store regardless of your location, paid products and services work differently.
When using the Windows Store to purchase apps, games, and other goods, you must specify a payment method, along with banking details that include your country name, which you can't change. In order to make purchases, the country name set in the Store has to match the one associated with your credit card or other payment method, or you won't be able to complete a purchase.

Although you can't change this information in the Windows Store app, it's possible to change your system's region settings to select the correct location to continue shopping.
If you don't make purchases at the Store, it's still a good idea to change your location to enable Windows 10 to show local relevant content on apps and so you ca see localized products in the Store.

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