How to choose a Lumia phone?


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Apr 26, 2015
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I am very new to this forum. So if this is not the right place to post this question, please point me to the right place.

I have been using Nexus 4 for about two years. Though I love it, it is almost unusable due to battery issues.

I would like to buy a windows phone as my next primary phone. I bought my father a Lumia 535 a few months back and he loves it. The reason I bought it is that it fit my budget.

I am from India and there are too many Lumia models out there in the Indian market that it is confusing which one to buy.

Let me try to explain my typical usage.

My major uses of smartphone are Email (work email + Gmail), messaging (Whatsapp + Skype) , lots and lots of browsing, heavy use of location services, and camera related apps. I also want smart reminders for all my stuff. I do not play high graphics games. Even if I do play games, it is simple arcade games or puzzle games especially those without IAPs.
And being a Nexus 4 user for this long, I am definitely a heavy user of all Google applications. But I am ready to let go of those.

So with these points in mind, please either suggest a good windows phone or guide me on how to choose one.
I am ready to wait for 2-3 more months if any better phone is going to be released.

EDIT2: Expandable memory is a absolute necessity for me.
My budget is around INR 20,000/ USD 315/unless there would be a significant capability increase in the productivity apps category (work email, calendar, collaboration) if I increase my budget a little. I do not know all the options available in terms of models in India. But I do know it's a lot.
For camera, I am satisfied with a good 5MP on both front and back with added bonus of low light capability if possible.
I would want atleast 1GB of RAM.
A screen size of anything between 4.5 inches to 6 inches would be fine for me.

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Nov 12, 2012
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All Lumia's should handle those tasks well.

What's the budget you have?

Also, what options do you have? I'm not familiar with the options over there, since they can vary depending on region.

Although if I were to just pull out a recommendation I'd recommend the midrange Lumia 730/735 or 830. You can wait if you're interested in the recent 640 or hoping to see what top-of-the-line phone MS has up its sleeve sometime in the next few months.


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May 28, 2012
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Agree there are a lot of choices.

Id get a 640 (5" w/8mp camera). Its the latest from MS. Its getting good reviews and will more than suit your needs. If you don't mind an even bigger phone, the 640xl is the way to go.

You can search MS website for more details but you can feel good just getting either.


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Jun 27, 2014
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1. Make sure you really want a WP. I was Android user last year, with similar situation as you. Since you're not an app addict, the only problem left is browsing, it's not quite the same with your Nexus experience. Try ur dad Lumia for a week or search YouTube for browsing experience on 930/1520 and expect less.
2. Know your budget, which you already did
3. Start choosing from the newest model, you'll want to use the phone as long as possible until upgrading or your phone is unusable.

My personal recommendation is Lumia 640XL, it fulfill all your wish and is the newest, though idk if its on India or not.. Go to and change the region for India that is a good place to know which model is available or not.

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