How to create a shortcut to Windows Update in Windows 10


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Sep 15, 2018
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How to create a shortcut to Windows Update in Windows 10

Previous answer doesn't work in my Windows 10 pro 2018 v1803

Pin-to-start didn't work either for me. I went through the motions, but it did not arrive on start list.

As for desk-side shortcut,
instead, the shortcut should read
C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start ms-settings:windowsupdate

Above assumes Windoes is on C: drive. Purists could use:
%systemroot%\System32\cmd.exe /c start ms-settings:windowsupdate

(again, attempting to make a shortcut disallows variations on this, such as the direct explorer shortcut 'system32')

- you need the 'start'
- /k will bring up a command shell and leave it there
/c will bring up a command shell, do the command, close the panel (you may see it briefly)
- merely "cmd" without full path will not work
- quotes unnecessary unless the path has spaces in it.
- merely starting with "start" will not be allowed in a shortcut
(though maybe as a .bat batch command?)

If you call up a command shell
Win+x, & c [or a for admin],
the command would be:
start ms-settings:windowsupdate

It would be really handy if I knew how to do a direct "check for update now"!
(Without having to /tab tab enter/ Maybe use autoitscript com)

See Richard_Indy's reply 2016, for many direct start commands in ms:

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