How to enable/disable and set primary display quickly?

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I'd like to be able to quickly enable my TV with a shortcut.

Since TV's do not act the same way as monitors do, in that, when you turn them off, Windows still sees them as enabled and windows can open up on that display, even though it's off.

I've used the nirsoft MultiMonitorTool but it doesn't do what I want it to do.

It can enable or disable displays, as well as set them to primary, but when I do this, Windows does not remember the layout of the displays I had set up previously.

I have my two desktop displays side by side, with the TV display being 'above' the desktop displays.

When I use the nirsoft tool to disable the TV, it screws up that display layout, and again, when I enable the TV and set it to primary, it screws up the display layout and I have to go fix it.

This kind of defeats the entire purpose of using a command line shortcut to enable and disable the display when I need to go into the settings screen and fix the layout every single time.

Does anyone know how I can disable/enable displays, set them to primary, while PRESERVING the display layout?

Before you say "Windows has a checkbox right there that does this!"

Well, that doesn't do anything. It doesn't save anything at all.

Is there not some built-in utility I can do this with in Windows 11?
Jun 9, 2021
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Dear, Kindly cross check Display settings in your Windows 11, Settings - System - Display - Multiple displays, check and set according to your need. Hoping you find your settings. If you feel computer won't behave accordingly, then there must be some integrity hitch. But anyway, in that case I shall give you the straightforward solution to resolve.

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