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How to install Windows 10 Mobile without a reboot loop problem?


New member
Aug 21, 2014
How to install windows 10 mobile without reboot loop problem?

After downloading the W10 Preview build 10536, my phone is now stuck in a reboot loop... I do have the Nokia logo, then the gears appears for a few secs and after that the phone reboots and I get the Nokia logo, the gears...etc. Progression bar is at 0% and don't want to rise.

I tried to press power button and down volume button together, but nothing happen. The phone tries to boot but is still stuck at the same moment. I can't remove the battery since it's a 1520 but i did so with my SD and SIM cards.

note: I never installed my backup it's clean

and i did tried the hard reset but things doesn't work here too.

so I used the recovery tool to get wp 8.1 and did tried it again but this doesn't help

I'm running out of ideas I want windows 10 so bad. so any help would be appreciated.

Teo Bartulovic

New member
Mar 2, 2015
Re: How to install windows 10 mobile without reboot loop problem?

Hmm, how about flashing with help of Nokia software updater for retail?