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How to recalibrate the battery in your Windows 10 laptop

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Dec 17, 2013

You can get an accurate reading of remaining battery life by calibrating an old laptop battery.
As you use your Windows 10 laptop, the battery goes through a number of charge and discharge cycles that slowly wear it down. We all know that old laptop sitting in the closet that doesn't hold a charge anymore; calibration isn't for that laptop — it's a lost cause. Calibration is for a battery that still works properly, yet doesn't show an accurate reading when it comes to life remaining. For example, it might say that there are two hours of juice left, but after 45 minutes you'll get a warning that it's about to shut down. After calibration you'll usually get a more accurate reading, and while it may be depressing to see that your old laptop is only getting about an hour of power from a charge, you won't be stuck somewhere with a dead device.

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