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How to reply to a post ? - follow up


New member
Apr 6, 2015
Ryujingt3 - your advice to login in and then post is common sense, but I see no login option anywhere, so I've had to start a third thread.
There is a My Profile option which opens to MY alias, so i am already logged in.

Yes, I have managed to track down my original post and is was YOU that replied.
So I'll post my reply here : "Are you using an administrator account and have the right permissions?"
My user account is an Adminstrators account - there are no others on this PC.

Did you edit the permissions of that Temp folder so that your user account has permission to delete it?
I did NOT because there is so much room for confusion when editing permissions.
In any case - it is the Windows folder that I am querried about - even before I get to the TEMP.

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