How to retrieve photos from locked Nokia Lumia 928?


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May 22, 2021
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My Nokia Lumia 928 is locked and I cannot remember the password. I got the phone in 2013/14 and used it for about 2 years until it stopped charging and would not turn on. I had the set up to backup everything but I could never access it on my microsoft account for some reason. I ended up saving the phone in hopes that I would be able to transfer all of my photos and videos somehow. Well fast forward several years, I was looking for photos to give to my son's school for the slideshow for their ceremony and I came across the phone and decided to try to get the pictures since I have no other pictures during that time. Amazingly I was able to get it to turn on only to find that I had a lock on it and of course I cannot remember it. I tried several different ones and now it is saying to retry in 86 minutes and I am afraid to keep trying incase it locks it indefinitely. I tried connecting with a usb to my computer and nothing. I tried to do a soft reset and that did not work. I tried to locate my Microsoft account but apparently it was closed due to inactivity and has been too long to recover it. So now my question is, are the photos and videos stored on the sim card on that phone and if so can I take the sim card out and insert it into another phone or computer to be able to access them that way? Or is there anything else I can try? Please help!!!!!!!!!

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