How to stop Win10 upgrade, I've just rolled back to 7 and now its updating again.

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I just rolled back to Windows 7 and got critical programs running correctly again. I had tried upgrading this program to work on Windows 10 without success, and had driver issues on 10 as well. As we speak my PC is upgrading again to Win10. How do I stop this. I assume I will have to let it continue and then roll it back again, but once I have Win7 working again how can I stop the Win10 upgrade.

Is it possible to stop the upgrade midway through?

If not, once its complete and I roll back to win7, how can I ensure I am not upgraded again, at least without providing admin approval for it to do so?

Tom Snyder

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Apr 16, 2013
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Get this and stop it, GWX Control Panel. This is a free tool that can remove and disable the 'Get Windows 10' notification area icon on Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have not saw the first complaint about this program from this site, I have it on 3 of my laptops and one desktop and have stopped it from installing. After a Microsoft update tried to sneak and install it on my desktop. Microsoft tries to sneak W10 on their updates can not believe they are pushing this on those whom want nothing to do with it now.

GWX Control Panel

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