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I am a new OneDrive user who shifted from GoogleDrive.
In OneDrive we have to park the folders under OneDrive folder (Drive C) in order to upload to OneDrive cloud. In my case, the original folders are kept in Drive D with the total about 60GB and all are picture files. Shifting the folders from Drive D to be under OneDrive folder is not practical because we don't keep business document in Drive C. I also use Picasa to search for pictures file in the PC, thus, it take the whole day to abstract picture file into Picasa. But GoolgeDrive let the folders stay as where they are and able to complete the job to upload the folders to cloud.

Obviously, GoogleDrive design the program by putting more brain into it. It is hassle free and the user do not need to modify how they save their folders and files.


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Jun 26, 2019
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Facing similar problem. Want to set up an automatic backup of my programs to OneDrive for safety. Unfortunately, OneDrive only allows automatic backup from so called "Important Folders" that includes - Desktop, Pictures & Document folders all of which are present in C drive. But my files are in a separate location.

Also, I do not want to put my program files directly into OneDrive folder as it may affect the run time behavior of the programs.

If any body has a workaround, kindly suggest..

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