HP Elite X3 - Restore from backup troubles


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Jan 5, 2017
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I was just hoping to get some crowd sourced troubleshooting. I have an Elite X3 and everything seems to be working fine. However when I last reset my phone due to some sluggish performance after an update, during the setup process it seems to now skip over the restore from a backup step.

I have checked online and can see the backups in my OneDrive, and I have also proven that the backups are not corrupted by restoring one of them onto a Lumia 950XL.

I have also used the WDRT and tried to re-install the firmware. But this is where I noticed something strange, the WDRT could not detect the currently installed firmware. Has anyone else with an Elite X3 noticed this? ... And yes I have installed the latest version of the WDRT. Before re-installing the firmware I did check and the phone does have the same version of firmware that the server is offering but I installed the server version anyway to see if that would make any difference but alas it does not.

I know its not a huge issue but having to set your phone up from scratch each time is getting rather tiresome.

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