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Mar 28, 2011
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So I recieved an HTC Mazaa from Microsoft the other day, but MS kind of crippled it to make it a "dev only" device I guess...

HTC apps won't even detect it as an HTC device so you can't run the HTC connection setup app to run because it won't recognize the app. This isn't a big deal for me because I'll be using it on AT&T instead of Verizon. But a lot of people on XDA are trying to get it working on Verizon.

Since the device only had 5.8GB of free space when I got it, I was hoping to upgrade the microSD card. My problem is that I can't. The hardware looks similar to the HTC Trophy (But the internals are way better. I got an 87.01 in WP Bench). So I just watched some youtube videos of replacing the microSD card in the Trophy hoping it'd work in the Mazaa. Everything was the same until I got to the microSD card slot. It was there, but there wasn't a card in it. I put my 16GB in there and did the reset from the settings menu. When it finished, it showed the same amount of free space. I can't access the bootloader or anything to see if it even sees the SD card.

Any suggestions?

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