I absolute disagree with Microsoft and his new android's hobbies


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Oct 29, 2014
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Recently I bought a second phone. I had choose an Android for two reason: Firstly, an iOS device is too expensive for second device. Second reason is about WP app gap, I thought that was a good occasion to I have the ability to run more apps. Some days ago I have deeply disappointed with my bank that he required ModirumID for the ebanking.

I love Microsoft products and I don't feel a fanboy. For me, Windows are the best OS for workstations, for all people, for work, entertainment and gaming. Its impossible to talk about spreadsheets and someone doesn't mean the Excel. If you want an email, for work the Microsoft Exchange is ultimate solution and the outlook.com is much better from gmail. Outlook.com has more friendly and modern UI, with amazing feature like swap and address allies. Skype is a good all-in-one communication solution. Facebook Messenger is mostly for texting, viber is very poor for VoIP Telephony and Hangout is well-know for the groups video calls. So, for my primary phone device I want only a Windows Phone. But I don't think in this community has any interest to tell the pros from a WP device.

I have notice all the Microsoft Apps in Google Play but I want to focus in apps like Outlook, the lock-screen, the Arrow, On{X}. Ι also know the Microsoft Garage and apps like Send .

One disclaimer to be more clear: Microsoft Office is a (complete) product, also skype or Exchange. For those products must exist a complete compatibility, not only with Android and iOS ...but maybe with everything. My disagreement is only about for my first groups of apps.

It's not even near in Microsoft logic. Where is the Microsoft in lock-screen and Arrow Launcher project? Outlook app is maybe a perfect idea. But this implementation is far away from Outlook Program. An Outlook or Microsoft Exchange user must change his habits and the way which use these products, just to has a sense the people-feature in this android's implementation.

I think that a android user see the effort for Arrow Launcher as that Microsoft doesn't not believe anymore in WP Interface. I know that they still believes in titles but seem that they doesn't. But what is the point to develop two complete deferent interface for the some kind of devices? How must feel a WP user or developer for the On{x} platform? Why some co-workers must use the new Send solution and not the Skype?

I also believe that these kind of projects are for small companies or for startups.Companies which want to sell or advertise their how-know. I believe that even stardock company wasn't really and viable profitable with Start8 or Fences.

I know that a couple years ago Microsft had make too many mistakes and so they lost significant market shares. Nadella is right in many ways but these apps and projects will be a big disasters for Microsoft Marketing and ecosystem. I am sure that these plans will lead to a deeply and costly fragmentation and in the end of day nobody will love these apps.
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