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I am having wifi and sound issues with Windows 10, can I get some help?

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I am having wifi and sound issues with Windows 10

I upgraded to windows 10 and since then I have had issues connecting to wifi and my speakers have had the red x on top of it. Once I c lick on it it troubleshoots and turns it back on. It says one or maore audio devices was not turned on and the issue was fixed. My wifi will not recognize any network. It will work intermittently. I have done some looking around and see this is a common problem with the VPN. I have tried every fix, every video, etc. I took to geek squad and they recommended downgrading to 8.1. Since I don't have the disk, and don't have a recovery option, will a clean install of windows 10 solve my problem? I don't want to do the recovery and wipe my computer if it will still be an issue.

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