I can not update my lumia 1020 to Windows 10 via Windows Insider

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previously I enrolled in Windows Insider and upgrade my lumia 1020 to win 10 but then dg to win 8.1 ( at least 2 time )
yesterday I decided to update to win 10 again, so I installed Windows Insider and enrolled in " Insider Release Preview ", then I downloading the update file, I saw it till 88% but then I was forget to check on it and when I checked it, it was stopped. when trying to update again ( with check for update button ) it said that your phone is up to date ! since then I tried so many times to check again but still can not update my phone, even I tried soft reset and hard reset and also Flashing via Nokia care suite to win 8.1 ( cyan update and then to denim ) but still can't ( and also I changed my Insider ring to slow )
The windows insider said that your phone is ready to update and when I want to stop insider builds ( to do it from the beginning again ) it said that we can not do it right now because you have an update to get
can anybody help me ?

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