I can't get Wi Fi on 640 lumia phone to connect to any wifi sense networks

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As I understand, wifi sense will allow connection to those networks that you don't need passwords too, is that correct?
I attempted to set up the open wifi location on wifi sense on
and then it asked for my name in the one field and then a password?
I don't use windows phone on internet (thus far) only if i'm at a friend's that is considerable 60 miles from me and i use his network since i have it lined up with the password and works fine.
However, since i don't have any other wifi friends to connect to their network or their internet access, i was going to try at first the time warner hot spots, no go or couldn't get it to work.
So, are there alternatives to one's not having passwords to secure networks and if so is that by using wi fi sense. On the other note with wifi sense, i don't need to share anything or want others to share back by exchanging passwords on line or on the phone, it just (to me) is a little too close for comfort in that arena. And another thing, it asked for "my password" on wifi sense in the set up of that, is that a password for my (for instance) online hotmail acct. that i only access on my pc?
And if that is so, they say that the password i give is for those networks on wifi sense that may ask for it. To verify that i have an account or to ....what? That part to me is like this: I give my password for hotmail account so that they can go in and verify and then read the email and everything o r if to briefly give any info. on that note, i'd appreciate it. It just feels little strange that i need password to free wifi connects, i guess that is collateral or exchange where nothing's really free.
But i may have it a little on and a little off understanding track and after all is said and done if it works will be probably the next test.
This is 11/24/2016 since so many searches bring info. up without dates of input there can be a lot of time consumption to go back and read again for new updates to certain selected picks from a standard search if that makes any sense. Sorry for the long question and input

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