I Deleted my onenote notebook from onedrive :(

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I deleted my onedrive notebook from onedrive

So I fired up my tablet cos I have onenote on that as well. Great, all my notes were there...for about 10 seconds, when I saw the message "welcome to onenote, getting your notes", then BANG all gone. it has replaced hundreds of notes taken over a couple of years with an empty notebook. How retarded is that? A simple "do you want to delete all your notes" would be nice.

Same with my laptop. Gone.

The only device with the data is my "outgoing" lumia 950 which I turned off wifi so it couldn't synchronise. My notes are there, but there is no option that I can find to back them up or export them.

I know it was stupid to delete the file in the first place and I know onenote is free, but if it's that easy to lose your data it's a bit crap.

I anyone knows a quicker way to get the data back than copy and pasting each note into a text file I'd appreciate it!
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