I keep getting error 80080207 when I try to install apps, how can I fix this?

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I keep getting error 80080207 when i try to install apps

I have only had my new Lumia 640 a few days and at first its been great, I have installed plenty of apps, but now every app i try to install comes up with the error 80080207, I dont know how to fix it and searches online are not helping! Its also stopped me updating any of my existing apps.

I have checked my phones time and date are correct (i was told that may be the problem), there is ample memory left both on the phone and the SD card. Any help greatly appreciated!


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Jan 21, 2016
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OK, think I may have solved this, at least for me. The micro D card is a Samsung 128g card, and I think its a fake. I have swapped it f a measly 32b card and now I can download whatever apps I want without error.
Trying the card in various tablets and laptops all of them identify it as a 128gb card but few can actually access the card correctly and I have read somewhere that this is a possible sign that its a counterfeit, or faulty.

So, if you get this fault, try another micro SD card.

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