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I lost audio after a clean installation of Windows 10, how can I get it back?

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Lost Audio After Clean Installation of Windows 10

My PC is the HP ENVY TouchSmart M7-J120DX with Beats Audio quad speakers and two subwoofers. After running a clean installation of Windows 10, my volume icon had an error "no audio device output" / IDT High Definition Audio Codec. The troubleshooting option did nothing. I uninstalled my audio device, and restarted my pc. My sound is back, but it seems that the middle speakers are the only ones working. My volume icon and sound device now is labeled "High Definition Audio Device" which now sounds substandard, just like those cheap tinny speakers you can find at the dollar store. Please help me recover my original great-sounding original speakers!

Any input will be greatly appreciated!


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Feb 19, 2015
Unfortunately, Windows 10 sometimes messes up audio drivers during the initial install. If you hunt around on the internet, you can fairly easily find a working driver. One updates drivers through device manager. Many of the drivers you hunt down will have there own setup/install programs. It takes a little time tech prowess to update a driver, but there is plenty of information on the web out there to help you. If you can get over a "botched" driver Windows 10 is really nice.

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