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Mar 19, 2014
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There are several 520 phones in our family and we are all very happy with the OS and the phone functionality. Well, all but one of us. The only thing I do not like about the 520 is the camera. I like to take panorama views and generally in good daylight I am happy with the outcome. But, a recent morning it was overcast and the sun was squeaking through some cracks in the heavy cloud base. I took a pic and it turned out very VERY grainy, obviously a low-light thing.

I would like to get a better camera but comparing specs, the 520 camera is not all that different from the 830, 735, 930 other than pixel density of the image sensor. BUT, often, image-sensor pixel density really only means a larger overall image size and not a smaller image pixels. That does not overly assist with the low light pics.

I have read that the 925 has 6-lenses to help with the low light issues, but also read that only the 830, 930, Icon and 1030 will get an advantage from the Denim camera update. I would therefore rather not buy a 925 as I understand the Denim camera update has some significant advantages.

Does anyone have some comparative pics from a 520 and a 830/930 etc? As in, the same scene taken with each camera?

So, what do I buy? Keeping in mind, that price is important. Or, do I stay with the 520 and suck it up as *just* a camera phone.

I do have a better camera but it is not as convenient to carry as the phone so I am hoping to find some acceptable middle ground for when I just have the phone with me.


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Nov 12, 2012
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I don't know what was compared, but the shooters in higher up phones definitely outclass the 520. I can guarantee you will see the difference.
My 920's can blow away my sister's 521's (US carrier-specific variant) camera.

The additional lens in the 925 is a minor upgrade over the 920, which I believe improves sharpness, but I don't know firsthand.

The 920, its variants, the 1020, 830, 930/Icon, 1520 have OIS (Bing it) onboard, which means low light performance is up there.
The 720 and 73x do not have OIS, but have a larger aperture (indicated by f/#.#) meaning low light is also not bad.

I'd get one of the mentioned above.


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Nov 12, 2012
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IMHO, the 925 is fantastic at Low-Light-No-Flash photos and overall very capable in all light conditions.

If you are on a budget, a gently used 925 may be just what you are looking for.

I've had a 521, a 925 and now a 1520. There are definitely big differences with each camera in the field. For what you describe, a 925 would fit the bill nicely. I think you'll like the screen a lot more as well when upgrading from 520 and not just for the extra 0.5" of screen real estate. It is one of the least garish, best in sunlight AMOLED screens I've used* and a far higher pixel density than the 520.

It's not just the paper spec on the cameras. Each phone gets specific firmware as well to help optimize that hardware. I think Nokia really nailed it for both camera and screen on the 925. It is a great all around WP device as well.

*Use an anti-glare type of screen protector film to help out...

Head to head comparisons may be hard to find... I usually check YouTube for these. Here is one, but the range of shots is pretty narrow.


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