I need your input for a new cross-device app!

Glenn Ruysschaert

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Jan 26, 2014
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I wasn't sure where to put this post, it's an app development thing, but it needs input from everyone (not only developers).

Okay, so I started working on a new app that will basically allow you to get information from another device that has the app, anytime. For example, ask the battery level of your phone while you're on your laptop (or vice versa).

How does it work?

1) On every device you want to be able to communicate with, install the app
2) Register an account/sign in (sign in with the same account on all devices)
3) Add the device your currently working on to your account (eg 'My Phone' and 'Surface Book')

That's it.

Now by using the app, you can for example tap on 'My Phone' while you're on your laptop and then ask for the battery level, a command will be sent through my server to your device. The device will send back a reply to your laptop in the form of a toast notification (eg My Phone has 89% battery).

Or use Cortana: 'What is the battery level of My Phone', and you'll get a toast back with the battery level.

This already works, but now I need feature ideas of what you want to be able to ask your device, eg:

Current features:

  • Battery level
  • Location (GPS) of your device
  • IPv4 address
  • IPv6 address
  • Hostname
  • Network type

Things to consider:
  • It needs to be possible on Windows 10
  • It has to work in a background process (when the app is closed), meaning things like taking a screenshot or using the camera to take a picture and sending it back is not possible
  • It has to be text based, attachments are not supported by toasts

So, what would you like to be able to do?


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Oct 2, 2016
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Hi ! Sorry; It seems your not getting much action. I have been there. I've created what I thought was a great thread and no one replied. First of all, this sounds like a really great App. I haven't gotten into tying devices together.
I'm a simple man with a simple plan, so I really don't know what I would like to be able to do with your new App.
I do wish you lots of luck with your new App and hope you get some replies latter!:wink:
PS I wish I had your knowledge.:grin:

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