I test power banks of all shapes and sizes — the one that never leaves my bag is heavily discounted


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Feb 22, 2014
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I do get excited by new power bank announcements (although maybe shouldn't admit that!).

One category for me is "lightweight hiking" - a power bank light enough to be carried alongside all other kit required for a few day hike, whilst packing enough power to keep camera and gimble charged. Also needs to be charged as quickly as possible on longer hikes (for top ups at pubs etc).

I saw "super lightweight" mentioned for the Baseus Blade 2 along with 65w and you had my attention.

However, I then saw "measly 1.3 pounds"... measly!! that's 544g. I think there's a mistake there, as on their own website it lists a more reasonable 339g (0.75lb).

Unfortunately this doesn't beat my current favourite and go-to for the past 3 years, the "Huawei 12000 Supercharge 66w". It's going to take some beating as it charges in under 2hrs, is small, sleek and only 235g (I weighed mine at 231). Quite pricey and I've only found on eBay in the UK - I am considering buying another though as I'm concerned mine will die before a better replacement is available. I doubt weight could be bettered, but one with a more consistent shorter charging curve would be nice.

My favourite daily go-to is already on your list, the "Anker 737" - love this power bank. Also glad I researched and got that model instead of the newer variant (despite the newer one packing a bit more power and having higher output, I feel the optional charging base is rather gimmicky and no need for the full-face glossy fingerprint laden front - the 737 is far neater).

The "Baseus Blade 2" main selling point appears to be the slim form factor, and I do love a power bank with a screen. I am therefore tempted as it could compliment the 737 as a lighter daily go-to especially for day travel.

I want to love the "Anker 548" but decided against it due to some unfortunate shortcomings (slow charge speed and output wattage limitations when using multiple ports). I thought it also used LifePo4 cells but looking on their site now, no mention. This has the potential to be an awesome, easy carry "mini power station" for situations where you need a bit more juice than an average power bank but don't want to lug a bigger power station such as...

My "UGreen PowerRoam 1200w". It's simply awesome, I can't fault it - perfect camping companion. Also great for taking to my mates "mead hall" (which doesn't have power) - it can run a laptop and projector perfectly for hours. If only I could justify the PowerRoam 2200 as well - maybe one day :)

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