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I think I might have found the notification LED...Lumia 1520

Mohamed Ahmed Nader

New member
Feb 4, 2015
Good day everyone. I'm rocking the L1520 the international version. As most of u did, I upgraded to the WP10 TP, tested it, had my share of fun and since the 1520 is my daily driver I decided to roll back. So the following event takes place after I rolled back to WP8.1 GDR1

So what I found by accident was that yesterday I over consumed my phone so hard that for the first time in a week I get the battery to a state of charge of under 10%. The problem was that it got to 0%. I got up"like a boss" and connected it to the charger.

What happened was the windows capacitive button ALONE started blinking in a frequency. I honestly never seen that before. When my phone dies and i connect it to the charger it lights the 3 buttons and stays on for a while till the phone boots up.

Might that be a problem on my device? Maybe
Might that be the new so called indication/notification light but it got stuck with me by mistake? I hope so, we all need a medication indicator tbh.

What do you guys think???