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WTB: I Want To Buy ASUS Zen AiO 27 UHD

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Jan 1, 2015
Thread title: Want To Buy ASUS Zen AiO 27 UHD. Also known as Asus Zen AiO Z272SD-XH751T.

Item Description: Must have the following:
2.4 GHz Intel Core i7-8700T Six-Core
16GB DDR4 | 512GB SSD + 2TB 7200 rpm HDD
27" 3840 x 2160 Multi-Touch Display
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (4GB GDDR5)
SD\/MMC Card Reader
Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) | Bluetooth 5.0
USB Type-A | HDMI | Thunderbolt 3
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Included
NanoEdge Display
Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit)

I know most Asus Zen AIO 27's have these by default, but the 4K resolution and touchscreen capability is particularly important.

Price Range: To Be Discussed

Condition: Good working condition.

Payment Method: PayPal

Additional Info: Canada and United States only. I am not sure if it would be feasible to import such a device from outside of these regions. Therefore, only these two countries for now. Hoping to get my hands on one of these impossible-to-find unicorns soon! 🦄

Contact Info - Please send a Private Message (do not post your email address)
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