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i want to downgrade my lumia 535 from window 10 to 8.1

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its camera not work and some other apps also not work properly


New member
Nov 30, 2013
Try hard reset.
(Settings > System > About > Reset your phone).

If that doesn't work, use Windows Device Recovery Tool on your pc and roll back to WP8.1


New member
Mar 3, 2016
i was unable to get back my window 8.1 again. My phone was not able to connect to recovery tool if i connect it start charging but not fund my device. if i want to soft reset it will open the feedback window on screen. Plz help me to how to solve the problem.

Mad Cabbie

Retired Ambassador
Jun 9, 2015
Have you tried device not found in WDRT? Have you turned device off and then plug in to wdrt. Sometimes when it vibrates (turns on) wdrt will pick up the bios and detect allowing you to roll back. I've done this a few times with problem phones and eventually it works