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im getting whatsapp messages that were never sent?

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ok so i keep getting messages from my wife. rude explicit messages that often don't make any sense. she sent me a screenshot off her phone of our chat and none of those messages are there, they are only on my side. has my whatsapp account been hacked . what should i do


Jan 27, 2014
IS it even possible to hack whatsapp?

In any case remove the app from your phone > find another phone without whatsapp > install whatsapp and enter your own number (from the hacked account) > this should register your number again and kick out anyone else. After this you can download whatsapp on your own phone again and go through the steps

If it continues, I would suggest doing the same with her phone.

(Doesn't necessarily have to be a phone that never had whatsapp. Just find someone that's cool with you deleting their app so you can download it and use it to register your number)

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New member
Sep 27, 2013
The only way to "steal" a WhatsApp account is to get access to the SMS sent to that phone number. The easiest way to fix it is to re-register your device. WhatsApp also has two-step verification now, so you might want to turn that on.


Trusted Member
Nov 13, 2013
This would only happen if the Whatsapp account details were compromised and were being used by someone else. Change the account password to be more secure and alert Whatsapp so that they can help.