I'm going to need some more Windows Mobile in my Windows.

Roman DeSilva

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Mar 9, 2013
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Windows and Windows Mobile (formerly phone) are getting more alike. they share a settings page. Much of the UI is the same. But when I look at & use my Surface Pro, I wish I was using my Lumia because there are Win-Mo features that would be just as useful on a tablet as they are on a phone.

Why is shape writing a phone exclusive. I can get Microsofts shape writing keyboard on a windows phone. I could get the better version of that keyboard with one handed mode on iPhone (what's' up with that Microsoft?). But the on screen keyboard is as basic as you can get. all you get is word suggestion. It's even lost functionality compared to what it had in windows 8.1. Remember sliding across the spacebar to get to suggested words? Why can't I do shape writing on my windows tablet? I can do it on an android tablet. This seems like an artificial limitation to me. While we're on the keyboard. Hey Microsoft, that virtual joystick and the dictate anywhere button would be just as handy on my surface pro as it is on my Lumia. I'm sitting here right now typing this out. I would love to just speak to my Surface and dictate this whole thing.

I've gotten used to the new layout of the start screen and I even like it now. but windows 8.1 had more tricks up it's sleeve. One thing you should've kept is the pinch the start screen to compress all the tile groups so that I can jump to the tile group I like. In fact I think it should also be on windows mobile. But something the windows start screen needs is windows mobile style app folders. The endless scrolling is just as annoying on windows 10 on a big tablet as is it with windows phone with a small screen. Labeled tile groups are great. I love them and REALLY wish they were on windows mobile. But folders are desperately needed on windows. While we're talking about tiles, why aren't the tiles on windows 10 able to be transparent like on windows mobile? My entire background is blocked on the start screen. Cosmetically, Windows Mobile is the better looking O.S.

Microsoft, you've assumed that windows mobile are smart and sophisticated enough to know to swipe their way around the start screen to get to the app apps list. can you do the same for windows users. Having the hamburger button and all the buttons below it, including the power button when in tablet mode makes the start screen a messy eyesore. On my Lumia, when I get to the end of the tiles, I see an arrow pointing to the right preceded by the words "all apps". why no have the equivalent on windows? And lose the settings button please. It's redundant! it's right there in the action center. I don't need 2 of them. While we're at it, you know the power button? you can put the lock, sign out and switch user actions in that rather than having a separate button. Assume I'm not dragging my knuckles Microsoft. Assume we are just as capable of navigating Windows if you use the same philosophy that you used to design windows mobile.

BTW, does anyone notice that Cortana does different things on Windows Mobile than she does on Windows. In some ways, she's more limited on My Surface than she is on my Lumia even though my tablet is more powerful. I'm sure there are tons of things that don't seem to be found on both windows and windows mobile. But shouldn't they both share the exact same features minus the desktop? Weren't we advertised one windows? If so then why do I feel like I'm using operating systems that loosely cribbed from each other but aren't necessarily made by the same company?

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