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In-Store Preorder Pickup Information, Austin store, they have the new dock...


New member
Dec 9, 2011
Arrived at the store, I was offered bagel, muffin and some coffee. Passed. Right on to closing the deal. I had a $0 preorder on the i5 256 dGPU, the most popular, apparently. I inquired about going to the same storage and RAM version of the i7. They did have a few extra of those shipped to the store so if anyone in Austin wants to impulse buy, get there soon. And I reckon there is one i5 version available now.

The real surprise is that they have a few the new dock in inventory. I snapped one up after they said they'd price match the Amazon $185 preorder; I mainly need it for big file transfers to the Drobo. They also give you a shirt, M or L only at this point, and a little goody bag with a thumbdrive, accessory case, Surface sticker and a 10% off accessories coupon which I may go back and have applied to the dock.

Otherwise, I saw two other Books and four SP4 preorders go out while I was helped out. Pretty busy, but fast and organized.