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Aug 27, 2013
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I got the Lumia 925 almost a week ago from Nokia connects. Since then I just can't get my hands off it. It's probably the most beautiful phone there is. (I got one in silver)

My previous phone was the Lumia 820. The 925 is a huge improvement over it, at least when it comes to the hardware.
First of all it is gorgeous reaaaaaly gorgeous!! It's light, its thin, its soooo sleek. The metal border looks amazing.
The screen is also an improvement. Its bigger, brighter, more responsive, and looks more beautiful.
The camera of the 925 simply blows of that of the 820. Low light images are fantastic and so are those in bright light. Videos are better than ever.
Smart camera and pro camera make the camera experience complete. I personally love action shot and motion blur.

Battery performance is an improvement as well.
One thing a miss is sdcards, the Lumia 925 doesn't support those.

Coming to software, there isn't much difference between the two. Games have become more fun to play on a bigger screen. But almost everything else is the same.

Glance background is really awesome.
Some other apps I use:

movie world
battery +
app folder( really handy)
and others

I really don't wanna use a case as that would spoil the beauty of the phone but I want it to be safe. However there aren't many cases available for it now.

Overall the Lumia 925 is an excellent phone. Its stylish, light, etc. Wherever I have gone, people have been impressed by it.

Hope it stays this way.
Nokia FTW

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