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Oct 29, 2016
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Hi! I'm an owner of a Nokia Lumia 735 currently running the Windows 10 Mobile Fast Insider Ring build 10.0.14946.1000 and since i've last updated the Windows Insider Program app has ben absolutely HARASSING me with frequent notifications about something needing to be fixed. I try stopping updates for a couple of days but notifications just kept prompting.

I've had this problem a while ago with my notebook (also running on a insider fast ring build) and it was fixed by deleting some entries on the registry. Since i can't do this on the cellphone, I'll kindly accept any advice you may have on how to fix this problem.

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance.

abhishek singh21

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Apr 27, 2014
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you need to update your device to the latest insider build i.e 14951.1000 which should fix the bug. further after installing the patch perform a hard reset for better experience.

As you opted to be an insider , you have agreed to test incomplete bugged OS which could land you in such situations where no possible solutions has been provided by Microsoft or has not even been acknowledged by them that such a bug exist , it could be isolated to you. So for now update you device to the new build and observe if the " harassing/" issue persist. If it does then first up-vote it on the feedback app and then rollback to the official build to experience greater stability .

do tell us the complete notification with any error code that the insider app gives you for better understanding of the issue.

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