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Installed 8.1 Developer Preview -> reset phone -> phone not recognised as Nokia

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WPCentral Question

Hello all. First time poster, forgive me if this issue has arisen before, but it's kind of a difficult one to search for.

A few weeks ago, I installed Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview on my Nokia Lumia 1020. I subsequently dropped the phone, broke the screen and had to send it off to my insurer to be repaired. I was not keen on my photos etc. being on my phone during this time, so I reset the phone (through settings -> about -> reset your phone).

I got the phone back today with a shiny new screen. Reset it again, entered my account details, and restored my settings/data. But all of the Nokia apps on my home screen, including Nokia Camera, now have an exclamation mark icon in the top right hand corner. When I click this, it says that the apps are no longer available.

In the about menu, there is no mention of Lumia Black. In short, my phone seems to now be running standard Windows Phone 8.1, with no Lumia add-ons. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know of a solution? I really hope this isn't going to be permanent. I suspect I'll get an unsympathetic ear from Nokia on the matter too, when it's in the Developer Preview T&Cs that you may void your warranty by installing it.


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Jul 10, 2012
Open store >> downloads >> ... >> manually check for updates. That would update all the apps on your phone which have a ! mark

Download SysApp Pusher, update all Nokia System apps using it, you'll see Black in the extras+info after installing all updates