Installed W10 onto T100, but OneDrive problems?

Peter Harvey

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Aug 12, 2014
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Hi there, I installed Windows 10 onto my Asus Transformer T100 with 64 GB.
It runs beautifully, however, just one question.
I have something like 10 GB on my OneDrive.
Before, with Windows 8.1, OneDrive was fine.

However, before I could install Windows 10, Windows 10 said it needed at least 5 GB, and there was only 4 GB left, so I did a disk clean up to free up about 9 GB.
Now obviously, there is no longer enough memory available to keep a copy of all of my OneDrive in my Asus Transformer T100.

So after I installed Windows 10, and I opened my OneDrive for the very first time, OneDrive asked me to choose certain folders to sync with my tablet, and OneDrive showed me how much memory was needed, and how much was available.
So I chose a few folders.

Now, at this point in time, how do I choose even more OneDrive folders to sync with my tablet?

I tried to uninstall OneDrive by holding down on the OneDrive tile, to do a clean start choosing all the folders again, but it wouldn't uninstall.
In the Control Panel, and Programs Installed, I can't even see OneDrive there anymore.

I installed Windows 10 on several of my desktops lately, and OneDrive never had a sync menu, presumably because the desktop computers have heaps of hard drive space compared to just 64 GB on the Transformer T100.

Does anyone know how the Transformer T100 64 GB can sync more OneDrive folders???

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