Installed Windows 10, two days later laptop is unstable. How can I get it working again?

Justine Johansen

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Aug 6, 2015
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Installed Windows 10, two days later laptop is unstable

I just installed Windows 10 about 4 days ago, the day before yesterday my laptop started acting really strangely. The 'working' circle next to the cursor is constantly flashing on and off, whether I am on Chrome or not. When I am on Chrome the background keeps flashing. I can still select a favorite off my bookmarks bar, but if a try to select a drop down category on my bookmarks bar it opens and immediately closes again. Watching Netflix it constantly toggles between full screen and small screen mode. What is going on???? I looked at the task manager for something that looked suspect, and Windows Explorer seemed to be jumping up and down with the CPU usage. I disabled it, and now Chrome has stabilized, and the 'working' circle is no longer flashing on and off next to my cursor. However my desktop is black, and the only way I can get back to Chrome once I minimize it is by hitting Alt and tab.
Any ideas? Please know that I am not at all well-versed in computers - what I have tried equals about the extent of my knowledge.

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