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Mar 27, 2011
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Attention WP Devs:

I'm hosting a series of online events every Tuesday night from 10/21-11/18 @ 6PM Pacific Time - "Introduction to AdDuplex" for anyone that is interested in adding AdDuplex to their app and participating in the only cross-promotion ad network exclusive to Windows Phone.

Attendees that are *new* to AdDuplex will receive a promo code to use during AdDuplex account registration that will increase the exchange ratio for all their registered AdDuplex applications to 90% (9:10) instead of 80% (8:10) for first 6 months

A link to the Google Hangout for the event will be sent to attendees via email 15 minutes prior to start time.

What is it?

AdDuplex is a cross-promotion network specifically targeted at Windows Store and Phone apps and games. It empowers developers and publishers to promote apps for free by helping each other. The service was founded in January 2011 by Alan Mendelevich and has grown to be a significant resource for developers to cross promote their apps.

How does it work?

You add our AdControl to your Windows or Windows Phone application and start serving ads for other apps. They serve ads for your app in return. It's that simple.

What's the exchange ratio?

The ratio is 8:10. For each 10 ads displayed in your app 8 of your ads will be displayed in other apps. The remaining 2 ads will be sold to support the service.

But I already monetize my app with ads from other network ...

That's great, but did you know that you don't get an actual ad from your network for each request? According to reports the average fill rate in mobile ad networks could be as low as 10%. AdDuplex helps you utilize 100% of your ad space, so even when you are not making money from the other ad network you get free promotion for your app.


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