IOS 13 improvements - more like a Windows Phone, thankfully

Michael Bromley

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Dec 19, 2012
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Having gone w/ an iPhone 8 after leaving beloved WMP, tops on my list of pathetically missing features on the iPhone were 1) back button; 2) keyboard swipe; 3) SMS cursor placement; 4) backspace on keyboard

Lots of other complaints, such as idiotic dispersion of settings between General and apps, absence of home screen control, ****-poor cut/paste actions (especially paste into phone numbers, bc iPhone tries to dial additional digits/letters after core number and won't go through -- try this, it's pathetic). Also disappointing are the wifi-celluar handshake disruptions, which was one of my primary WMP complaints (iPhone negligibly better than WMP on this) and the idiotic policy of dimming sound on notifications during music or other audio play, which has only a global rule, so stupid.

So now comes IOS 13 -- and two huge improvements:
1) keyboard swipe (finally)
2) cursor placement is more precise and allows for placement directly before or after characters, which was impossible before.

Why there's not backspace on the keyboard is beyond me except that maybe Apple doesn't want to adopt too many of the 5+ year WMP innovations at once.


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Dec 4, 2015
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Agree with you. I actually love my 8 Plus now. I am still very bitter about my WP. It seems anytime MS has something really good, they proceed to change direction and drop it. Another example is Microsoft Money. Fantastic compared to other home finance products - Quick Books etc. They just walk away.
I think when it comes time to change my home workstation, I'll go to Apple. MS won't care - I'm not a large corporate entity.

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