Is AI all a fad? A new report suggests very few people are using tools like ChatGPT and the hype is being misconstrued for actual public interest

Jack Pipsam

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Aug 4, 2013
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I think it will be. CoPilot will be looked back upon as Microsoft trying someone once again that the public in the end didn't care for. The average user struggles with File Explorer, good luck getting them to use CoPilot. What we're dealing with isn't even actually AI, it's just regurgitation that sometimes works, sometimes doesn't and is often some half-baked nonsense in the middle.
The challenges against it will only increase well. The plagiarism lawsuits haven't quite kicked off yet, where it's going to be obvious in some cases that a text/image generator clearly stole something and spat it out again, and I do suspect it'll get to a point where using certain tools will become an actual risk or liability to use for companies. If we treated end-users who take this content and republish it as plagiarists, that should and maybe will someday have a repercussion. Or at the very least, be increasingly frowned upon or treated as lazy. For example, I find it pretty sad that Windows Central still now makes use of Bing Image Generator.
Not to mention all the issues of those who are doing original work, but getting accused of AI work by faulty AI detectors, there'll be countless cases which will be brought up because of that. The already troubled education sector will enter a real difficult period from either-end because of all this.

On top of this AI will become increasingly trained on AI regurgitation, the quality will dip. The trust in the web will further nosedive beyond what it already is. Soon enough someone will die because they were given the incorrect medical information by one of these bots, or you'll have some crack-pot pseudoscience fed into the system as legitimate data to present to an end-user. This is all before the issues of AI spam, false-images, fake-news, misinformation, or the possiblity AI being used to scan conversations, facial recognition or being used by police/courts which could easily end up in disater.

All the while Microsoft swoons around as if AI is a wonderful thing, including this abhortent Recall junk.
This will end up being largely considered, a mistake. With those pushing for it being viewed with great contempt by historians.
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