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Is "free.secure-link.co" a Virus?


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Jul 9, 2015
Yesterday while I was connected to a public wifi hotspot, it appear a widget with the usual postal envelope icon with a number indicating an unread message,
There I clicked on it and it is open the browser to a link which began with
"free.secure-link.co", where I was invited to download an update for my phone model
(with the exact name of my phone: Lumia 1520).
Since I did not know how to make a screenshot, so I got to take a picture.


I do not mind so much the internet page because I didn't click on it.
But I wonder why I have appeared unlikely that widget,
and if the "code" that caused it is still in my phone, or if the phone itself is somehow infected.
On the web I can't find anything.
Do you think I should do a factory or some other solution?
this could keep the original applications (Office)?
For now I'm avoiding to connect to the wifi or network.
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Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012

I wouldn't worry at all at this point. I believe that it was merely a popup attempting to trick you into something.

Updates are not delivered that way either. It was sketchy, but I'd move on and be more wary on that specific hotspot.