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Is it good to move from Lumia 820 to L830?

Victor Mahov

New member
Aug 28, 2014
Hi guys, I've been wondering to move from my L820 to L830 or L930. I miss the SD card support on L930 and I also heard about heating problems but on the other side L830 has 1,2 GHz processor and I can't decide which will be better upgrade from my L820. Honestly I use my phone to send few emails a day, chatting via messenger and WhatsApp, talking on the phone also via Viber and in my free time I play games like subway surfers or temple run. I will use cellular data and wifi and I work till late night so the battery should handle me though the day. The camera isn't so important. So, guys what is your advice? Should I buy L830 or L930?


New member
Oct 19, 2013
I moved from 820 to 830 and I love it. Bought the black one so I could have the black frame and then bought all the back plates. The bright coloured plates look great against the dark frame. The battery life is 100 times better than 820 and you also have removable battery and sd card, both of which, is not available in the 930. You also have glance screen with the added love of msn weather should you wish to enable that feature. The 930 does not have glance screen. The 830 is also thinner and lighter but definitely well put together and looks simply gorgeous. And its plenty fast! Done deal then 😊

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