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is it normal not repair a device because has bad estetics, scratches and scufs?

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I send my lumia 930 to repair on support.b2x.com

since request a device repair the status on site seams broken because it says "DESPATCH" even a few days after the device arrived to b2x

I spoke with agents in this time, and they were clueless about what is happening with my phone, one agent chat says the device should be back to me because in his end it appeared that I receive the device back

few days later the device got back to me, a gift for my birthday: the device unrepaired...

The device had a well-known problem with microphones and yes there were signs of wearing scratches and some scuffs. This certainly did not affect the microphone, but seams that is reason not to repair unrelated problem with the phone...

repair service ID: TEMP022579 (in case anyone from microsoft listens)

should I mention that I'm Nokia Developer Champion? probably not, because you kill this wonder-full brand

what ever, I guess I'll repair my own, take the screen and body and put the motherboard and stuff in other 930 (I previously had same 930 with same issues repaired(in warranty) in Romania a year ago when the service still had licensing)

with current phone, I first go to Orange Romania, which said that they no longer have licensing to repair Nokia phones and didn't receive my phone (later I found that was a mistake by an employee which understand another thing, the fact is like that but they should receive my phone and send it to b2x.com)

so maybe microsoft is cutting costs with this even on customers...