Is it possible to import a custom user dictionary to a Windows 8 or 10 cellphone?

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Hello :)

I'm considering the option of getting a Windows phone, but there are requirements I'm unsure about. On the Android, there's a utility which facilitates importing custom auto correction dictionaries, styled User Dictionary Manager, which makes it easy to back up a user dictionary, or roll it back at any time, making the period necessary for the phone to 'get to know' the user extremely short.

I was wondering whether there was such an applet for the Windows mobile platform. If not, perhaps it's possible to access the relevant .dic file in the [path] folder and add words to it manually, without taking privileges that weren't meant for the user to have. If this doesn't work either, perhaps it's possible to send words from a list to the keyboard app and have it add the words to the custom dictionary programmatically?

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