Is it time for game developers to move on from the Frostbite engine?

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Dec 17, 2013
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Anthem is the latest in a long line of games with development crippled by Frostbite's issues. Is it time for developers to use a different engine instead?
Last week, Kotaku's Jason Schreier published an investigative article that revealed many of the issues behind Anthem, BioWare's latest title. The problems range from poor management to hesitant decision making and everything between, and most of them were surprising to see from such a highly-regarded game studio. However, there was one culprit that didn't surprise players at all — the Frostbite engine, notorious for both its incredible visual potential, and its extreme difficulty to work with, which often results in barriers that are as numerous as they are frustrating for developers to work through.
Anthem is perhaps the perfect embodiment of Frostbite's pros and cons, combining breathtaking visuals and maddening performance issues into one bittersweet package. And as it joins the ranks of several other titles that had rocky development due (at least in part) to the Frostbite engine, one has to wonder if the engine's peak potential is worth the demoralizing climb developers have to embrace to reach it.

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